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Since Pak Ungku (Royal Professor Dr. Ungku Aziz) withdrew from the vice-chancellor in 1988, after 20 years of its mandate to lead the University of Malaya (UM), the hot post more often changed hands. In the same period (1988 - 2008), six figures and public administration scholars are given the opportunity to lead UM (full list: click here ). Professor Tan Sri Dr. Ghauth Jasmon his contract expires as vice chancellor from November 7.

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Professor Ghauth place will be filled in turn by Professor Datuk Dr. Mohd Amin bin Jalal who is UM alumni in 1982 in the medical field (click  here ).He also earned master's expertise ( FRCS ) of Edinburgh, Scotland in 1989 in the field otorhinolaringologi (surgical head, eyes and neck). Professor Amin is the third vice-chancellor of a medical background after Professor Dr. Anuar Zaini (2000) and Professor Dr. Hashim Yaacob (2003). 

UM vice-chancellor's job as it is a challenge given the status as the oldest and premier universities in Malaysia. In addition to maintaining the number one position, the UM must always find a way to emerge as one of the world's best universities (once stood at 89th position as Professor Hashim Yaacob era). Professor Amin also hopes to  improve the performance of UM through strengthening the university's leadership, the quality of research and publications, the quality of faculty, students, international positioning and revenue generation.

While other public universities, and institutes of higher learning, busy with the issue of their employability, UM is expected to continue the tradition of academic excellence that lead to leadership and innovation. Together with four other research universities (UKM, UPM, USM and UTM), UM has always been a key benchmark of higher learning. Other comprehensive university focusing on hands-on (applied and vocational), but further research universities in the future as a leader and trigger reform.

UM definitely continue to be key achievers in the country. In fact, UM also open the door to international students, especially graduate studies (master and doctorate). UM already has Asia-Europe Institute which brings together the world's leading scholars and researchers.

Although UM aims to strengthen its position as a world-class university, local image should not be cold. UM can only take as many international visiting professors to fill academic positions in any department and faculty, but must remain superior local expertise. Case Institute of Principalship rebranding the Institute of Educational Leadership with international lecturers almost entirely may need to be reviewed.

Without denying the scholarly Professor Alma Haris internationally distributed educational leadership theory and transactional him, but the leadership of the principal should receive touch input of local scholars, at least for a master's level course work. Perhaps the master's programs and doctoral research mode may be open to local and international candidates. Balance between internationalization strategy with local image should get the attention of the new leadership of the UM.

Great job already waiting in the hot seat Professor Amin UM vice-chancellor. Responses to the belief is loyalty, dedication and achievement.Hopefully Professor Datuk Dr. Mohd Amin bin Jalal will successfully drive the UM at the top of the belief that excellence is given, amin ...

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