Thursday, August 30, 2012


Independence of a country generally means freedom from colonial rule. Countries have sovereign rule, territory and security for the welfare, survival, progress, prosperity, well-being, development and growth will be enjoyed by the masses at large. An independent state led by the leader with fairness, or without going persecution and betrayal of trust backed by the masses.

Real and genuine independence, is not only beautiful in terms of words and rhetoric, but also a sense of the soul entering the leaders and the people. The harmonious relationship between leaders and the people expressed through feelings of calm and serene, the distribution of values ​​and resources to uphold the principles of justice. The spirit of love and identity always enthusiasm for the nation's glory, as well as prepared for any possibility of trying to scratch favors independence gained through the process of a long struggle.

After more than 400 years colonized by foreign powers interchangeably, our country began to achieve independence with the down of Union Jack flag, and the national flag flew majestically which is now known as Jalur Gemilang. Sacred shouts of independence on August 31, 1957, at 55 years ago, is the culmination of that victory has long pioneered by tenacious fighters such as Dato’ Sagor in Pasir Salak, Dol Said in Negeri Sembilan, Pahang Mat Kilau, Tok Kenali in Kelantan, Abdul Rahman Limbong in Terengganu and many more. Starting with the Federation of Malaya, the formation of Malaysia has strengthened through inclusion of Sabah and Sarawak on 16 September 1963, although the country has lost Singapore two years later.

Generations in the era of historic event of independence 55 years ago had moved the golden ages, the 60's and 70's, as well as a lot of people have no longer with the post-independence generation. Young people and adolescents are just searching for the story and history of independence through classroom learning, reading and viewing other media. However, patriotism or love of country must always be grasped as if negligent, careless and negligent, it is possible that the physical occupation of the same bitter history will repeat unexpectedly, hopefully kept away by God.

Although the colonists had long gone, the fact there were the new form of colonialism which is worse, that the conquest of the mind, psychology, culture, tastes and way of thinking. Western colonial mentality was maintained through excessive admiration for anything that comes from the former colonial nations, including the attitudes, language, fashion, food and brands. Instead, there is a sense of inferiority which comes from local sources, including the consumption of goods and services.

The younger generation should not only bigoted against entertainment and sports imagery by former colonial powers, but trying to keep up with their best youth group in terms of knowledge, skills, leadership, innovation, creativity and design and advanced technology. Although in terms of the technology, our country may miss 50 years behind, we should be making their way quickly and regularly in order to catch up. In other words, the level of competitiveness of our young generation must be harnessed to the optimum level so that one day our country will be respected, stand tall to the entity's political, economic and social ambitions that have long maturities.

The spirit of independence flare should be equipped with appropriate filling of the meaning of independence. The contribution of the younger generation among others that determination in improving accessibility of knowledge, skills and attitudes that lead to the generation of first class human capital at our own mould. Young people should always be prepared to face challenges and painstaking in an environment of constant change so rapidly.

The most ideal favors independence is the liberation from the bondage of mankind, but only a devotion to the One God, mean 'IB a dati'i-'IB a d, il a 'IB a dati'-ll a h . Let us pray that the blessings of independence that we enjoy all this will continue. Happy Independence anniversary to-55 times.

Merdeka, merdeka, merdeka!

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