Tuesday, January 24, 2012


(Direct translation from Google from the Malay original text, very sorry for inconvinience)
Very noble and generous nature so coveted in societies that have achieved a high level of civilization. Gracious is the willingness to lend any form of assistance either in terms of objects, ideas, time and energy to a good without expecting any reward. The nature of genuine generosity is born out of pure conscience.

The nature stingy ( stinginess , selfishness ) is the generous nature of the enemy. Parsimonious nature refers to the refusal to pay out of pocket or is resolved to offer help. People who are mean just to spend or lend assistance if the situation is really forced, desperate or just because of embarrassment to humanity.

In the Malay proverbs are expressions "stalk soaking", which is very hard to shop for himself either, let alone to help others. Even if you have high income and savings moncah, soaking the stalks are very afraid to enjoy their own wealth. Scrooge is a chronic mental patients, and in urgent need of recuperation and therapy by a specialist.

When people are encouraged to shop and help out, is not meant to be extravagant or excessive. Ancient wisdom says that the measure shirt in your body. Humans are not charged beyond the capacity of which has been given by God.

Hijrah lessons to be institutionalized in thought and practice throughout the ages. Al-Ansar (the people of Medina) welcomed people sheltered (Mecca) with open arms and stated willingness to lend any form of assistance, including offering their own wives (for married was over the divorce). However, people sheltered nor take advantage of receiving all the assistance or offer and thus they are people who have undergone the education process ruhani ( spiritual ), which makes them worthy people.

Abdul Rahman bin Auf, a successful entrepreneur, just want to be shown a business location, not collect capital has to offer. Ansar and Muhajirs have pledged allegiance. They indulgence of disagreement to make way for the spread of missionary efforts effectively.

Generous nature of not just the monopoly of the rich, while the stingy nature is not only due to the lack of wealth or ability. Symbolized by the generous willingness to share knowledge, comfort, convenience, food, fun and all the difficult things that lead to goodness and piety.The generosity will always perform the rights themselves and the rights of others, ie to be Assertive or strictly personal.

Truly he succeeds who preserved the parsimonious nature. They are not stingy always pray for his brother who believe and cast far away feelings of envy and jealousy that may have nested on the edge of the distant bosom. Titipan Surat al-Hashr (59:9) to be attached to and embedded in our souls .