Saturday, June 2, 2012


In the book How Full Is Your Cup , Dr. JM Sampath (2010:28-29) notes the story of a man who is willing to travel to all parts of the world to find a perfect wife candidate. When the man reached the age of 70, someone asked about the possibility of a very long time he did not see her looking for. In a sad tone, the old man said that once she had met women who desire to find, but she is also looking for a perfect catch too.

Speaking of school education and also more or less the same with a short anecdote or story above. Parents seek a school that is considered perfect, students expect a perfect learning experience, education authorities expect principals, and teachers who are perfect and beyond. In short, fixed perfection coveted despite the fact that, in her lack of any.

Parents hope their children will have the opportunity to mold the future of life assurance. They assemble a dream that their children will emerge as genuine independent and competitive. During school, their children get the most equitable treatment and full protection of their security.

The students hope to attend learning activities that are always fun, always interesting and happening. They want the learning process in line with the taste of young people leading to the exploration of individual access and new ideas. They do not like to be bound by various rules and taboos that inhibit creative thinking.

Education authorities are hoping that the principal and teachers are always acknowledges the professional level of teachers' best practices. Collaboration and empowerment of nuturing learning process is expected to be the main agenda in schools. Although the education officer at the school can not afford to live like the rich and wealthy owner of the corporate empire, but they are rich in honor and esteem.

Hope to perfection in school is just like high as a mountain and deep as the ocean. It is only natural to continue to hope so, but there must be flexibility. Meaning, the concept of perfection in schools must be placed in certain limitations.

Perfection is the benchmark or the highest performance standards. Lack of perfection is the difference between the actual achievement. This lack will create a need for improvement.

Parents can not just hope, but must also contribute on their capabilities, not least as a member of the PTA. Pupils should be a lot of exposure on the life story of famous figures, while the education authorities must find a way so that the welfare of their education officers in school are always at an optimum level.When all the stakeholders in the school stick to certain roles, respectively, a hope to find perfection in schools will be more reasonable ...

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