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Since Pak Ungku (Royal Professor Dr. Ungku Aziz) withdrew from the vice-chancellor in 1988, after 20 years of its mandate to lead the University of Malaya (UM), the hot post more often changed hands. In the same period (1988 - 2008), six figures and public administration scholars are given the opportunity to lead UM (full list: click here ). Professor Tan Sri Dr. Ghauth Jasmon his contract expires as vice chancellor from November 7.

intake source: here

Professor Ghauth place will be filled in turn by Professor Datuk Dr. Mohd Amin bin Jalal who is UM alumni in 1982 in the medical field (click  here ).He also earned master's expertise ( FRCS ) of Edinburgh, Scotland in 1989 in the field otorhinolaringologi (surgical head, eyes and neck). Professor Amin is the third vice-chancellor of a medical background after Professor Dr. Anuar Zaini (2000) and Professor Dr. Hashim Yaacob (2003). 

UM vice-chancellor's job as it is a challenge given the status as the oldest and premier universities in Malaysia. In addition to maintaining the number one position, the UM must always find a way to emerge as one of the world's best universities (once stood at 89th position as Professor Hashim Yaacob era). Professor Amin also hopes to  improve the performance of UM through strengthening the university's leadership, the quality of research and publications, the quality of faculty, students, international positioning and revenue generation.

While other public universities, and institutes of higher learning, busy with the issue of their employability, UM is expected to continue the tradition of academic excellence that lead to leadership and innovation. Together with four other research universities (UKM, UPM, USM and UTM), UM has always been a key benchmark of higher learning. Other comprehensive university focusing on hands-on (applied and vocational), but further research universities in the future as a leader and trigger reform.

UM definitely continue to be key achievers in the country. In fact, UM also open the door to international students, especially graduate studies (master and doctorate). UM already has Asia-Europe Institute which brings together the world's leading scholars and researchers.

Although UM aims to strengthen its position as a world-class university, local image should not be cold. UM can only take as many international visiting professors to fill academic positions in any department and faculty, but must remain superior local expertise. Case Institute of Principalship rebranding the Institute of Educational Leadership with international lecturers almost entirely may need to be reviewed.

Without denying the scholarly Professor Alma Haris internationally distributed educational leadership theory and transactional him, but the leadership of the principal should receive touch input of local scholars, at least for a master's level course work. Perhaps the master's programs and doctoral research mode may be open to local and international candidates. Balance between internationalization strategy with local image should get the attention of the new leadership of the UM.

Great job already waiting in the hot seat Professor Amin UM vice-chancellor. Responses to the belief is loyalty, dedication and achievement.Hopefully Professor Datuk Dr. Mohd Amin bin Jalal will successfully drive the UM at the top of the belief that excellence is given, amin ...

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Military coup: Egypt continues to remain difficult (MIDDLE EAST POLITICAL MELIEU)

Power crisis after the fall of the dictatorial regime of Hosni Mubarak is still not over. President Dr. Morsi elected through the ballot box was ousted by the military led by Defense Minister Morsi own appointment. There are allegations that there was a foreign intelligence arena in inciting anti-Morsi to go down to the road as it does in Turkey in almost the same period.

Morsi, engineering PhD graduate from the United States, a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, could only hold about a year presidency. In the shortest period of rule, a lot of effort trying to do, including reaching out to his political enemies as supporters of Hosni Mubarak, the military generals, secular factions and the Coptic Christians. Although aware of the risks of betrayal as the folding scissors, Morsi give them a place in the government.

The end has already been noted. Morsi political enemies manipulate the space provided to plan events that will work coup illegal regime Tel Aviv were relieved, while Palestinians in Gaza back when confronted with Zionist terrorism Rafah door shut again. Morsi has already imposed sanctions in the house, and will be prosecuted to the various charges that will throw him into prison.

Egypt was admired as earth prophets, as well as a great civilization heritage. So, no wonder that Egypt emerged as one of the international tourist destination like down the Nile and see the pride of Pharaoh through the remains of pyramid building in Cairo. Egypt is also a focus of Muslim students across the world in the field of Islamic studies and medicine.

However, Egypt is not out of status as a third world country. Poverty and illiteracy rate among people of Egypt is still high (just literacy rate reached 72 percent, compared with 89 per cent of Malaysia: click here and  here ). Low access to education resulting in emotional considerations and sentiment more easily exploited.

The world is still waiting for further developments, especially about 52 percent of voters support Morsi in the last presidential election. Media reports describe a total of two million anti-Morsi master's Tahrir Square and more than eight million fans Morsi went down to the road, but their response was too late. Anarchist politics will be terminated immediately when the goal is reached before the public realise that the original organizers are not as great support for the uncovered when the 'real power' shows strength rise.

Missionary movement the Muslim Brotherhood, founded by Hassan al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb about 85 years ago are now faced with a very severe test. Freedom and Justice Party is the political wing of the Brotherhood is likely to be blocked from further active. Idealism is triggered through speeches, lectures, intellectual discourse, and writing usrah spread quickly around the world is not a guarantee of performance in the real world.

Power politics and reading tables was a stark contrast to ordinary logic and logic level. Thus, the expression of one foot that politicians are already in prison cell is not a baseless humor. Let us pray that Egypt will be back on track by civil authority masterminded a cunning foreign intervention ...

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Principle of social and state life only be achieved by a comprehensive unity. Regardless of a society or a single tribe, there is no automatic assurance that unity will occur. Group of people built on mutual interest, history, blood ties, tastes and so on.

In the context of our country, the background of a long history of colonialism, nearly 500 years has seen the formation of a society. Lastly, the Bumiputeras (Malays, ethnic origin, Sabah and Sarawak) is estimated to represent 60 per cent of the Malaysian population, Chinese 24 percent and India 4 percent. Based on a projection of the birth and death rates, the proportion of the indigenous population will reach 80 percent by 2050.

Schools and institutions of higher learning is one of the best opportunities for the racial unity in Malaysia. Nazri Muslim and Jamsari Alias ​​from UKM found that the implementation of the spirit of love of country (patriotism) contribute to the integrity of national unity in Malaysia. Distinguished Professor Dr. Shamsul Amri Baharin conclude that the tolerance of the view of the Malays and other races also very high as a factor of unity so reserved.

Sentiment extreme racism played like a time bomb that will destroy the bond of unity that has been built for a long time. However, the tendency to socialize and maintain a variety of characteristics, interests and heritage groups is itself a normal process in a society of origin alone does not affect the rights of other groups. Access to education and governance of public relations multiplicity of good people over the years have attempted provocation crippling communal clashes as black events May 13, 1969.

As a nation towards parliamentary democracy is political maturity levels, a total of 12 times elections have passed successfully. The battle of words between politicians and the grassroots has always been the case, but the incident is still under control and thus no blood spilled in the third world countries in Africa and South Asia. Top leaders of political parties competed for the election of the 13th still looks friendly chat in the lobby of parliament and enjoy teh tarik together.

Racial mistrust also invisible transactions and community activities. The non-Malays are not awkward to visit Malay restaurants and Ramadan bazaar, while the Malays are used to visitr the store of the Chinese and Indian. The Malays also do not hesitate to eat at the restaurant of the non-Malay Muslims because of their halal issue is a major consideration.

Separation of children based on race occurred at the primary level because vernacular education system is still allowed to exist. As a measure of race relations, there is a program called School Integration Plan (Rimup). Students from national schools, Chinese schools and Tamil are combined in a joint program. Implementation of the curriculum and outside of the classroom program to another is also constantly in radar surveillance authorities of education.

The non-Malays are also found increasingly understand the position of Islam in the Malay community. Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan and so it is not awkward to deal with Sharia-compliant banking system, but not a phobia with Islamic law, including hudud. Perhaps only a few generations boomers , generation X and certain extremist groups are still obsessed with racism thickened.

The younger generation of today look like if thrown confounded concept class citizens who have made racist provocation weapon once.They are willing to accept the history and the social contract as enshrined in the constitution. In short, the level of discontent among the younger generation of the community living in Malaysia may be deemed to be high enough.

Unity is the insurance or guarantee of progress and prosperity. All parties, whether locals or foreigners, feel safe to trade when the threat of racism is not well received. Tourism and travel activities are also to be an interesting experience when no preconceptions about the origins of a person who worries any party.

In terms of Islam, unity is the main agenda with great people who tied the rope of Allah (Ali-Imran: 103). Sira record also proves that Muslims can live in peace, and harmony with non-Muslims as long as mutual respect is preserved. Indeed, racial unity in Malaysia model is the epitome of social integration that have different backgrounds ...

(the original texts was in Malay language, translation by Mr Google. So sorry for any error or inconvinience: taken from

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Recreation and sports fields have become a form of large profitable industry to many either intellectuals, leaders of organizations, entrepreneurs, media, as well as manufacturing, tourism and health. Developed countries so concerned with recreational and sports facilities infrastructure, either through public or private financing. The proof, in the tournament championship sports world, domination is usually favorable to the United States, Australia, Britain, Japan and European countries.

In Malaysia too, recreational and sports have a higher phase when the purchasing power of the growing community string prosperity, as well as public policies that promote the development of recreational and sports to enhance the competitiveness of Malaysians at a global level. Maxim that a healthy mind comes from a healthy physical was in line with the era of knowledge-based economy ( knowledge-based economy ,  k-economy ) in lieu of a production-based economy ( production-based economy ,  the p-economy ). Although the nature of physical dependence has diminished, but still sense that generate knowledge stems from a good level of physical fitness.

Curriculum design education has much experience of reform and improvement, but still very much influenced by Bloom's taxonomy model framework, consisting of a pyramid chart of knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Classroom activities linger in the four walls with limited movement and voice pitch control so as not to interfere with a nearby classroom. 

The concept of active learning and the theory of multiple intelligences (Horward Gardener) is an attempt to transform a classroom environment that is more geared to the achievement of the cognitive domain, affective and psychomotor domains at once. Pupils are no longer silent as a stone statue of sandalwood during learning time while tampering with a variety of input information are endless.Instead, the students develop their talents and potential to the optimum level so that they truly enjoy the best learning experience.

Subjects of Physical Education and Health Education (PJPK) very eagerly awaited by school children and thus there is scope for harnessing the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social intelligence inteleks nonchalance. Activities during PJPK become material in the canteen chats and virtual social sites, in addition to being the most memorable to students when completing his studies, even up to adulthood. In the hands of a creative teacher PJPK, students are willing to learn the health education as a component of balanced Physical Education.

All teacher candidates are required to pass the course PJPK either during pre-service training at the faculty of education or teacher training institutes. PJPK courses in teacher training curriculum given the status of core courses, which is equivalent to Malay, English, Music and Visual Arts. Teacher trainees are exposed to the planning, implementation and evaluation PJPK in classrooms and field, as well as learn to manage competitions and sports leadership.

Establishment of sports science faculties at UPM and UM to some extent have contributed to teacher professionalism PJPK options.However, expertise and much needed contribution PJPK teacher at the district, state, national and international. Thus, a motion PJPK option teachers outside the school can not be avoided to the maximum allocation possible record 30 percent of e-motion. 

Given all the trained teachers have received adequate exposure in PJPK base, work as substitute teachers for the subjects do not pose a big problem. Not later as a time when substitute teachers just take a ball to be snapped up by the 40 students in the field. Substitute teachers can also bring equipment such as loops, and cone race as first warm-up activities.

Bad assumption that subjects like melukut PJPK be eliminated by the bushel. The school administration has repeatedly reminded not to make provision PJPK time for other subjects or for unrelated programs. PJPK also must conform to the requirements of the syllabus and assessment set.

Celebration of PJPK enviable pupil, and subsequently emulated by other subjects. Pupils are very happy with the somatic movement activities, compared with only stiff and victimized one way of learning such as Aristotle and Plato tradition that focuses on the wisdom of reason and philosophy alone. They need to burn excess calories and fat due to lifestyle and diet is getting much different ...

(originally in Malay language, translated by Google; so sorry for grammatical errors)

Friday, November 30, 2012

SCHOOL THEME FOR THE YEAR 2013: Preparing Ways to THE NEXT Centennial

as translated by Google from

Finally, SMK St. Michael, Ipoh over the age of 100 years of its establishment. Now, the year 2013 will appear briefly to another. So swift passage of time when everything becomes history in the blink of an eye!

SMI has become a tradition constantly renewing vigor and determination portrayed through the varied school themes  for at least every two years. In essence, the school administration recommended the school theme for 2013 which reads Onward Michaelians - Valiant and True . If translated literally: Michaelian forward with determination and truth. 

Expression Valiant and true is contained in the lyrics of the school song (school rally). So, the theme this time is more to the process of strengthening self-esteem enhancement SMI students who have had previous exemplary Michaelian generation since 1913 again. SMI entry glorious achievement etched in ink history of education.

Memories and history is proof that a lot of bitter and sweet events were experienced by SMI before coming on stage now. As long as Michaelian willing to learn, then it will be a very useful kind of nostalgia. History can be traced to Michaelian step with care and style into the future full of new challenges that are difficult to determine.

Willpower or determination as expressed in the theme of the school must be accompanied by superior values ​​such as courage, determination and unwavering commitment. Courage is the exploration of ideas and thinking outside the box can lead SMI to the next milestones. In an era of ingenuity  above individual intelligence, cooperation and collaboration process to be so critical, important and necessary, or referred to as a sine qua non in Latin.

Great organization and respected not only have leadership qualities, but the ability to obtain all components and resources that is rich in diversity and unique background together. As a premier school which caters for a variety of expectations and beliefs of the stakeholders, SMI crave a strong passion and commitment of the entire school community. Indeed, the school theme Onward Michaelians - Valiant and True will be the basic framework of the planning and implementation of learning activities in SMI ... 

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Independence of a country generally means freedom from colonial rule. Countries have sovereign rule, territory and security for the welfare, survival, progress, prosperity, well-being, development and growth will be enjoyed by the masses at large. An independent state led by the leader with fairness, or without going persecution and betrayal of trust backed by the masses.

Real and genuine independence, is not only beautiful in terms of words and rhetoric, but also a sense of the soul entering the leaders and the people. The harmonious relationship between leaders and the people expressed through feelings of calm and serene, the distribution of values ​​and resources to uphold the principles of justice. The spirit of love and identity always enthusiasm for the nation's glory, as well as prepared for any possibility of trying to scratch favors independence gained through the process of a long struggle.

After more than 400 years colonized by foreign powers interchangeably, our country began to achieve independence with the down of Union Jack flag, and the national flag flew majestically which is now known as Jalur Gemilang. Sacred shouts of independence on August 31, 1957, at 55 years ago, is the culmination of that victory has long pioneered by tenacious fighters such as Dato’ Sagor in Pasir Salak, Dol Said in Negeri Sembilan, Pahang Mat Kilau, Tok Kenali in Kelantan, Abdul Rahman Limbong in Terengganu and many more. Starting with the Federation of Malaya, the formation of Malaysia has strengthened through inclusion of Sabah and Sarawak on 16 September 1963, although the country has lost Singapore two years later.

Generations in the era of historic event of independence 55 years ago had moved the golden ages, the 60's and 70's, as well as a lot of people have no longer with the post-independence generation. Young people and adolescents are just searching for the story and history of independence through classroom learning, reading and viewing other media. However, patriotism or love of country must always be grasped as if negligent, careless and negligent, it is possible that the physical occupation of the same bitter history will repeat unexpectedly, hopefully kept away by God.

Although the colonists had long gone, the fact there were the new form of colonialism which is worse, that the conquest of the mind, psychology, culture, tastes and way of thinking. Western colonial mentality was maintained through excessive admiration for anything that comes from the former colonial nations, including the attitudes, language, fashion, food and brands. Instead, there is a sense of inferiority which comes from local sources, including the consumption of goods and services.

The younger generation should not only bigoted against entertainment and sports imagery by former colonial powers, but trying to keep up with their best youth group in terms of knowledge, skills, leadership, innovation, creativity and design and advanced technology. Although in terms of the technology, our country may miss 50 years behind, we should be making their way quickly and regularly in order to catch up. In other words, the level of competitiveness of our young generation must be harnessed to the optimum level so that one day our country will be respected, stand tall to the entity's political, economic and social ambitions that have long maturities.

The spirit of independence flare should be equipped with appropriate filling of the meaning of independence. The contribution of the younger generation among others that determination in improving accessibility of knowledge, skills and attitudes that lead to the generation of first class human capital at our own mould. Young people should always be prepared to face challenges and painstaking in an environment of constant change so rapidly.

The most ideal favors independence is the liberation from the bondage of mankind, but only a devotion to the One God, mean 'IB a dati'i-'IB a d, il a 'IB a dati'-ll a h . Let us pray that the blessings of independence that we enjoy all this will continue. Happy Independence anniversary to-55 times.

Merdeka, merdeka, merdeka!

Monday, August 20, 2012


We had got tired of listening to the English expression that the winners never quit, the quitters never win, that the winner does not have pulled out, while the withdrawal has not been won. The hero comes to the planning, the loser come to the ground. Although tired, so the fact that a life filled with challenges and struggles that never-ending succession and the environment. 

Schools represent a nurturing learning organization as a real stratification. There are five percent of the outstanding, 90 per cent of the usual and five percent of the diverted or marginal . Label or the sociological notion may seem extreme, but there is better planning perspective as a guide for the analysis of the environmental scanning rather than no direct input whatsoever.

Pupils come from diverse socio-economic background, whereas thier physical and mental performance is different, and have personal uniqueness may not be harnessed to the optimum. Thus, in the hands of teachers who were trained in various disciplines of academic specialization and professional qualifications of education, all potential and existing faculty in the student could be developed to a reasonable level. Basic task of the teaching is to help students through a structured learning experience and focus that can eventually become self-reliant, to understand their respective roles in society and achieve the educational domain needs in terms of cognitive, affective and psychomotor.

Armed with knowledge of education such as psychology, pedagogy, sociology, philosophy, statistics and the basic curriculum, the teacher actually already have the advantage of knowledge and best classroom practices. Teachers must be wise to stay longer work the specification of a high standard of knowledge into actual classroom environment. A contingency plan or Plan B must always be provided when a variable outside the control to be more influential and dominant.

Young children undergoing early phase of self exploration in terms of autonomy and begin to reject dependence on adults slowly. Meaning, students in the age tend to display characteristics of the rebellion as a way to show that they are no more small childrens that can be underestimated.Thus, it is not surprising that they would provide support for deviant behavior as do noise, sleep, and objected to the teacher talk.

Pupils of 'pious and gorgeous' will be labeled as a schema-compliant and will deviate from the majority. Good boys can hardly be lifted as a person they suspected of being a reference and thus antisocial. Teachers should not feel down because such phenomena are temporary before students actually reached their age of maturity.

Experienced school leaders (of age or knowledge input) serve as the complaints about the student's red side and the reason for falls in the category of unproductive discussions. Thus, the steps are preferred, and the hall is to discover ways of the existing environment can still be directed towards improving student achievement and also overall school perfomance. Teacher self-reflection that always carried their basic task is to provide the best aid to students learning without conditions.

As professional members, teachers pledge bound to service, ethics and responsibilities set forth when they accept the offer of office after passing strict screening integrity. Their appointments also mean a number of other candidates and applicants should be set aside. Then, teachers and school services funded through public funds of the taxpayer, other than the trust of God to uphold ...

Saturday, June 2, 2012


In the book How Full Is Your Cup , Dr. JM Sampath (2010:28-29) notes the story of a man who is willing to travel to all parts of the world to find a perfect wife candidate. When the man reached the age of 70, someone asked about the possibility of a very long time he did not see her looking for. In a sad tone, the old man said that once she had met women who desire to find, but she is also looking for a perfect catch too.

Speaking of school education and also more or less the same with a short anecdote or story above. Parents seek a school that is considered perfect, students expect a perfect learning experience, education authorities expect principals, and teachers who are perfect and beyond. In short, fixed perfection coveted despite the fact that, in her lack of any.

Parents hope their children will have the opportunity to mold the future of life assurance. They assemble a dream that their children will emerge as genuine independent and competitive. During school, their children get the most equitable treatment and full protection of their security.

The students hope to attend learning activities that are always fun, always interesting and happening. They want the learning process in line with the taste of young people leading to the exploration of individual access and new ideas. They do not like to be bound by various rules and taboos that inhibit creative thinking.

Education authorities are hoping that the principal and teachers are always acknowledges the professional level of teachers' best practices. Collaboration and empowerment of nuturing learning process is expected to be the main agenda in schools. Although the education officer at the school can not afford to live like the rich and wealthy owner of the corporate empire, but they are rich in honor and esteem.

Hope to perfection in school is just like high as a mountain and deep as the ocean. It is only natural to continue to hope so, but there must be flexibility. Meaning, the concept of perfection in schools must be placed in certain limitations.

Perfection is the benchmark or the highest performance standards. Lack of perfection is the difference between the actual achievement. This lack will create a need for improvement.

Parents can not just hope, but must also contribute on their capabilities, not least as a member of the PTA. Pupils should be a lot of exposure on the life story of famous figures, while the education authorities must find a way so that the welfare of their education officers in school are always at an optimum level.When all the stakeholders in the school stick to certain roles, respectively, a hope to find perfection in schools will be more reasonable ...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


(Direct translation from Google from the Malay original text, very sorry for inconvinience)
Very noble and generous nature so coveted in societies that have achieved a high level of civilization. Gracious is the willingness to lend any form of assistance either in terms of objects, ideas, time and energy to a good without expecting any reward. The nature of genuine generosity is born out of pure conscience.

The nature stingy ( stinginess , selfishness ) is the generous nature of the enemy. Parsimonious nature refers to the refusal to pay out of pocket or is resolved to offer help. People who are mean just to spend or lend assistance if the situation is really forced, desperate or just because of embarrassment to humanity.

In the Malay proverbs are expressions "stalk soaking", which is very hard to shop for himself either, let alone to help others. Even if you have high income and savings moncah, soaking the stalks are very afraid to enjoy their own wealth. Scrooge is a chronic mental patients, and in urgent need of recuperation and therapy by a specialist.

When people are encouraged to shop and help out, is not meant to be extravagant or excessive. Ancient wisdom says that the measure shirt in your body. Humans are not charged beyond the capacity of which has been given by God.

Hijrah lessons to be institutionalized in thought and practice throughout the ages. Al-Ansar (the people of Medina) welcomed people sheltered (Mecca) with open arms and stated willingness to lend any form of assistance, including offering their own wives (for married was over the divorce). However, people sheltered nor take advantage of receiving all the assistance or offer and thus they are people who have undergone the education process ruhani ( spiritual ), which makes them worthy people.

Abdul Rahman bin Auf, a successful entrepreneur, just want to be shown a business location, not collect capital has to offer. Ansar and Muhajirs have pledged allegiance. They indulgence of disagreement to make way for the spread of missionary efforts effectively.

Generous nature of not just the monopoly of the rich, while the stingy nature is not only due to the lack of wealth or ability. Symbolized by the generous willingness to share knowledge, comfort, convenience, food, fun and all the difficult things that lead to goodness and piety.The generosity will always perform the rights themselves and the rights of others, ie to be Assertive or strictly personal.

Truly he succeeds who preserved the parsimonious nature. They are not stingy always pray for his brother who believe and cast far away feelings of envy and jealousy that may have nested on the edge of the distant bosom. Titipan Surat al-Hashr (59:9) to be attached to and embedded in our souls .

Friday, December 10, 2010


I'm glad to introduce this new blog.

Actually this blog means to share informations, discuss topics or anything for the sake of goodness.

To be honest, my English is just a plain one. So, please forgive me for all  the grammatical mistakes, or spelling errors. You are welcome to correct or critize any shortcomings. No heart feelings.

For the first material, I wish to highlight about friendship. In my school age, one the most popular acronym is F.R.A.N.C.E. which stand for frienship rememberance and never can end. 

By the time we grow and grow, we'll always find many new friends whenever we are moving or attend schools. Unfortunately we can't even keep our old friends altogether.

Even though today we have facebook, twitter, blog etc., we have limited time to use the new medium. We have so many things to do rather than to be an addicted to the virtual communications.

Off course reunion could be organised by associations, old boys and alumni. But, to get such a reasonable crowd, the planning aspects on timing and costs should be given priority.

It's better to stop here while waiting your feedbacks.

I ended this post by an amateur Malay poet:

My pen is blue, my friend is you...