Friday, November 30, 2012

SCHOOL THEME FOR THE YEAR 2013: Preparing Ways to THE NEXT Centennial

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Finally, SMK St. Michael, Ipoh over the age of 100 years of its establishment. Now, the year 2013 will appear briefly to another. So swift passage of time when everything becomes history in the blink of an eye!

SMI has become a tradition constantly renewing vigor and determination portrayed through the varied school themes  for at least every two years. In essence, the school administration recommended the school theme for 2013 which reads Onward Michaelians - Valiant and True . If translated literally: Michaelian forward with determination and truth. 

Expression Valiant and true is contained in the lyrics of the school song (school rally). So, the theme this time is more to the process of strengthening self-esteem enhancement SMI students who have had previous exemplary Michaelian generation since 1913 again. SMI entry glorious achievement etched in ink history of education.

Memories and history is proof that a lot of bitter and sweet events were experienced by SMI before coming on stage now. As long as Michaelian willing to learn, then it will be a very useful kind of nostalgia. History can be traced to Michaelian step with care and style into the future full of new challenges that are difficult to determine.

Willpower or determination as expressed in the theme of the school must be accompanied by superior values ​​such as courage, determination and unwavering commitment. Courage is the exploration of ideas and thinking outside the box can lead SMI to the next milestones. In an era of ingenuity  above individual intelligence, cooperation and collaboration process to be so critical, important and necessary, or referred to as a sine qua non in Latin.

Great organization and respected not only have leadership qualities, but the ability to obtain all components and resources that is rich in diversity and unique background together. As a premier school which caters for a variety of expectations and beliefs of the stakeholders, SMI crave a strong passion and commitment of the entire school community. Indeed, the school theme Onward Michaelians - Valiant and True will be the basic framework of the planning and implementation of learning activities in SMI ...