Monday, August 20, 2012


We had got tired of listening to the English expression that the winners never quit, the quitters never win, that the winner does not have pulled out, while the withdrawal has not been won. The hero comes to the planning, the loser come to the ground. Although tired, so the fact that a life filled with challenges and struggles that never-ending succession and the environment. 

Schools represent a nurturing learning organization as a real stratification. There are five percent of the outstanding, 90 per cent of the usual and five percent of the diverted or marginal . Label or the sociological notion may seem extreme, but there is better planning perspective as a guide for the analysis of the environmental scanning rather than no direct input whatsoever.

Pupils come from diverse socio-economic background, whereas thier physical and mental performance is different, and have personal uniqueness may not be harnessed to the optimum. Thus, in the hands of teachers who were trained in various disciplines of academic specialization and professional qualifications of education, all potential and existing faculty in the student could be developed to a reasonable level. Basic task of the teaching is to help students through a structured learning experience and focus that can eventually become self-reliant, to understand their respective roles in society and achieve the educational domain needs in terms of cognitive, affective and psychomotor.

Armed with knowledge of education such as psychology, pedagogy, sociology, philosophy, statistics and the basic curriculum, the teacher actually already have the advantage of knowledge and best classroom practices. Teachers must be wise to stay longer work the specification of a high standard of knowledge into actual classroom environment. A contingency plan or Plan B must always be provided when a variable outside the control to be more influential and dominant.

Young children undergoing early phase of self exploration in terms of autonomy and begin to reject dependence on adults slowly. Meaning, students in the age tend to display characteristics of the rebellion as a way to show that they are no more small childrens that can be underestimated.Thus, it is not surprising that they would provide support for deviant behavior as do noise, sleep, and objected to the teacher talk.

Pupils of 'pious and gorgeous' will be labeled as a schema-compliant and will deviate from the majority. Good boys can hardly be lifted as a person they suspected of being a reference and thus antisocial. Teachers should not feel down because such phenomena are temporary before students actually reached their age of maturity.

Experienced school leaders (of age or knowledge input) serve as the complaints about the student's red side and the reason for falls in the category of unproductive discussions. Thus, the steps are preferred, and the hall is to discover ways of the existing environment can still be directed towards improving student achievement and also overall school perfomance. Teacher self-reflection that always carried their basic task is to provide the best aid to students learning without conditions.

As professional members, teachers pledge bound to service, ethics and responsibilities set forth when they accept the offer of office after passing strict screening integrity. Their appointments also mean a number of other candidates and applicants should be set aside. Then, teachers and school services funded through public funds of the taxpayer, other than the trust of God to uphold ...

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