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Principle of social and state life only be achieved by a comprehensive unity. Regardless of a society or a single tribe, there is no automatic assurance that unity will occur. Group of people built on mutual interest, history, blood ties, tastes and so on.

In the context of our country, the background of a long history of colonialism, nearly 500 years has seen the formation of a society. Lastly, the Bumiputeras (Malays, ethnic origin, Sabah and Sarawak) is estimated to represent 60 per cent of the Malaysian population, Chinese 24 percent and India 4 percent. Based on a projection of the birth and death rates, the proportion of the indigenous population will reach 80 percent by 2050.

Schools and institutions of higher learning is one of the best opportunities for the racial unity in Malaysia. Nazri Muslim and Jamsari Alias ​​from UKM found that the implementation of the spirit of love of country (patriotism) contribute to the integrity of national unity in Malaysia. Distinguished Professor Dr. Shamsul Amri Baharin conclude that the tolerance of the view of the Malays and other races also very high as a factor of unity so reserved.

Sentiment extreme racism played like a time bomb that will destroy the bond of unity that has been built for a long time. However, the tendency to socialize and maintain a variety of characteristics, interests and heritage groups is itself a normal process in a society of origin alone does not affect the rights of other groups. Access to education and governance of public relations multiplicity of good people over the years have attempted provocation crippling communal clashes as black events May 13, 1969.

As a nation towards parliamentary democracy is political maturity levels, a total of 12 times elections have passed successfully. The battle of words between politicians and the grassroots has always been the case, but the incident is still under control and thus no blood spilled in the third world countries in Africa and South Asia. Top leaders of political parties competed for the election of the 13th still looks friendly chat in the lobby of parliament and enjoy teh tarik together.

Racial mistrust also invisible transactions and community activities. The non-Malays are not awkward to visit Malay restaurants and Ramadan bazaar, while the Malays are used to visitr the store of the Chinese and Indian. The Malays also do not hesitate to eat at the restaurant of the non-Malay Muslims because of their halal issue is a major consideration.

Separation of children based on race occurred at the primary level because vernacular education system is still allowed to exist. As a measure of race relations, there is a program called School Integration Plan (Rimup). Students from national schools, Chinese schools and Tamil are combined in a joint program. Implementation of the curriculum and outside of the classroom program to another is also constantly in radar surveillance authorities of education.

The non-Malays are also found increasingly understand the position of Islam in the Malay community. Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan and so it is not awkward to deal with Sharia-compliant banking system, but not a phobia with Islamic law, including hudud. Perhaps only a few generations boomers , generation X and certain extremist groups are still obsessed with racism thickened.

The younger generation of today look like if thrown confounded concept class citizens who have made racist provocation weapon once.They are willing to accept the history and the social contract as enshrined in the constitution. In short, the level of discontent among the younger generation of the community living in Malaysia may be deemed to be high enough.

Unity is the insurance or guarantee of progress and prosperity. All parties, whether locals or foreigners, feel safe to trade when the threat of racism is not well received. Tourism and travel activities are also to be an interesting experience when no preconceptions about the origins of a person who worries any party.

In terms of Islam, unity is the main agenda with great people who tied the rope of Allah (Ali-Imran: 103). Sira record also proves that Muslims can live in peace, and harmony with non-Muslims as long as mutual respect is preserved. Indeed, racial unity in Malaysia model is the epitome of social integration that have different backgrounds ...

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