Friday, December 10, 2010


I'm glad to introduce this new blog.

Actually this blog means to share informations, discuss topics or anything for the sake of goodness.

To be honest, my English is just a plain one. So, please forgive me for all  the grammatical mistakes, or spelling errors. You are welcome to correct or critize any shortcomings. No heart feelings.

For the first material, I wish to highlight about friendship. In my school age, one the most popular acronym is F.R.A.N.C.E. which stand for frienship rememberance and never can end. 

By the time we grow and grow, we'll always find many new friends whenever we are moving or attend schools. Unfortunately we can't even keep our old friends altogether.

Even though today we have facebook, twitter, blog etc., we have limited time to use the new medium. We have so many things to do rather than to be an addicted to the virtual communications.

Off course reunion could be organised by associations, old boys and alumni. But, to get such a reasonable crowd, the planning aspects on timing and costs should be given priority.

It's better to stop here while waiting your feedbacks.

I ended this post by an amateur Malay poet:

My pen is blue, my friend is you...