Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Recreation and sports fields have become a form of large profitable industry to many either intellectuals, leaders of organizations, entrepreneurs, media, as well as manufacturing, tourism and health. Developed countries so concerned with recreational and sports facilities infrastructure, either through public or private financing. The proof, in the tournament championship sports world, domination is usually favorable to the United States, Australia, Britain, Japan and European countries.

In Malaysia too, recreational and sports have a higher phase when the purchasing power of the growing community string prosperity, as well as public policies that promote the development of recreational and sports to enhance the competitiveness of Malaysians at a global level. Maxim that a healthy mind comes from a healthy physical was in line with the era of knowledge-based economy ( knowledge-based economy ,  k-economy ) in lieu of a production-based economy ( production-based economy ,  the p-economy ). Although the nature of physical dependence has diminished, but still sense that generate knowledge stems from a good level of physical fitness.

Curriculum design education has much experience of reform and improvement, but still very much influenced by Bloom's taxonomy model framework, consisting of a pyramid chart of knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Classroom activities linger in the four walls with limited movement and voice pitch control so as not to interfere with a nearby classroom. 

The concept of active learning and the theory of multiple intelligences (Horward Gardener) is an attempt to transform a classroom environment that is more geared to the achievement of the cognitive domain, affective and psychomotor domains at once. Pupils are no longer silent as a stone statue of sandalwood during learning time while tampering with a variety of input information are endless.Instead, the students develop their talents and potential to the optimum level so that they truly enjoy the best learning experience.

Subjects of Physical Education and Health Education (PJPK) very eagerly awaited by school children and thus there is scope for harnessing the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social intelligence inteleks nonchalance. Activities during PJPK become material in the canteen chats and virtual social sites, in addition to being the most memorable to students when completing his studies, even up to adulthood. In the hands of a creative teacher PJPK, students are willing to learn the health education as a component of balanced Physical Education.

All teacher candidates are required to pass the course PJPK either during pre-service training at the faculty of education or teacher training institutes. PJPK courses in teacher training curriculum given the status of core courses, which is equivalent to Malay, English, Music and Visual Arts. Teacher trainees are exposed to the planning, implementation and evaluation PJPK in classrooms and field, as well as learn to manage competitions and sports leadership.

Establishment of sports science faculties at UPM and UM to some extent have contributed to teacher professionalism PJPK options.However, expertise and much needed contribution PJPK teacher at the district, state, national and international. Thus, a motion PJPK option teachers outside the school can not be avoided to the maximum allocation possible record 30 percent of e-motion. 

Given all the trained teachers have received adequate exposure in PJPK base, work as substitute teachers for the subjects do not pose a big problem. Not later as a time when substitute teachers just take a ball to be snapped up by the 40 students in the field. Substitute teachers can also bring equipment such as loops, and cone race as first warm-up activities.

Bad assumption that subjects like melukut PJPK be eliminated by the bushel. The school administration has repeatedly reminded not to make provision PJPK time for other subjects or for unrelated programs. PJPK also must conform to the requirements of the syllabus and assessment set.

Celebration of PJPK enviable pupil, and subsequently emulated by other subjects. Pupils are very happy with the somatic movement activities, compared with only stiff and victimized one way of learning such as Aristotle and Plato tradition that focuses on the wisdom of reason and philosophy alone. They need to burn excess calories and fat due to lifestyle and diet is getting much different ...

(originally in Malay language, translated by Google; so sorry for grammatical errors)