Thursday, July 4, 2013

Military coup: Egypt continues to remain difficult (MIDDLE EAST POLITICAL MELIEU)

Power crisis after the fall of the dictatorial regime of Hosni Mubarak is still not over. President Dr. Morsi elected through the ballot box was ousted by the military led by Defense Minister Morsi own appointment. There are allegations that there was a foreign intelligence arena in inciting anti-Morsi to go down to the road as it does in Turkey in almost the same period.

Morsi, engineering PhD graduate from the United States, a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, could only hold about a year presidency. In the shortest period of rule, a lot of effort trying to do, including reaching out to his political enemies as supporters of Hosni Mubarak, the military generals, secular factions and the Coptic Christians. Although aware of the risks of betrayal as the folding scissors, Morsi give them a place in the government.

The end has already been noted. Morsi political enemies manipulate the space provided to plan events that will work coup illegal regime Tel Aviv were relieved, while Palestinians in Gaza back when confronted with Zionist terrorism Rafah door shut again. Morsi has already imposed sanctions in the house, and will be prosecuted to the various charges that will throw him into prison.

Egypt was admired as earth prophets, as well as a great civilization heritage. So, no wonder that Egypt emerged as one of the international tourist destination like down the Nile and see the pride of Pharaoh through the remains of pyramid building in Cairo. Egypt is also a focus of Muslim students across the world in the field of Islamic studies and medicine.

However, Egypt is not out of status as a third world country. Poverty and illiteracy rate among people of Egypt is still high (just literacy rate reached 72 percent, compared with 89 per cent of Malaysia: click here and  here ). Low access to education resulting in emotional considerations and sentiment more easily exploited.

The world is still waiting for further developments, especially about 52 percent of voters support Morsi in the last presidential election. Media reports describe a total of two million anti-Morsi master's Tahrir Square and more than eight million fans Morsi went down to the road, but their response was too late. Anarchist politics will be terminated immediately when the goal is reached before the public realise that the original organizers are not as great support for the uncovered when the 'real power' shows strength rise.

Missionary movement the Muslim Brotherhood, founded by Hassan al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb about 85 years ago are now faced with a very severe test. Freedom and Justice Party is the political wing of the Brotherhood is likely to be blocked from further active. Idealism is triggered through speeches, lectures, intellectual discourse, and writing usrah spread quickly around the world is not a guarantee of performance in the real world.

Power politics and reading tables was a stark contrast to ordinary logic and logic level. Thus, the expression of one foot that politicians are already in prison cell is not a baseless humor. Let us pray that Egypt will be back on track by civil authority masterminded a cunning foreign intervention ...

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